Sunday, December 29, 2019

The Core Difference of SmartMart Grocery Store is Proving...

Introduction SmartMart is a grocery store that has found its core differentiation in providing organic food to its customers. Due to changes in the market environment, SmartMart has had to rethink its strategies and has identified three scenarios. The first is the store size conundrum due to the recent arrival of low-cost competitors such as Big-Box Mart and new market entrants such as Community Supported Agriculture (CSA). The management has arrived at three strategies to address the problem, namely expand to Big-Box Mart scale, become a niche player or stick to the current store concept. The second scenario is tapping the biofuel opportunity for which three strategies have been identified, namely alliance, acquisition and organic growth. The third scenario is pursuing Organics 2.0 for which three strategies were identified, namely improving the supply chain to increase standards, to distribute high yield seeds to farmers and to work with government agencies and FDA to acquire a label for Organi cs 2.0. Value created is a perceived addition of value by the stakeholder while value captured is the utilization of the created value in the value chain. Value, as understood, for SmartMart is multidimensional and it targets its people, the planet and profit. The decisions taken have been by keeping the company’s vision of providing healthy food while generating profit for its shareholders and in turn creating value for its stakeholders. Change in Store Format For this scenario, I

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