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Questions On E Commerce Strategy Presentation Essay

ASSESSMENT 1: e-commerce Strategy Presentation Introduction – In this paper I would explain the trend going toward the offline to online. Moreover, this paper put the light on capabilities and limitations of ecommerce. Moreover, the features of e commerce and how these feature effect on the businesses’ strategic advantage also cover in this paper. The requirement of any business and how e -commerce fulfil these requirements shown in following paragraphs. Critically Evaluate Implications of Websites e-commerce. 1.Describes the trend from bricks mortar shops to websites e-commerce? There are many reason behind the trend from bricks mortar shops to websites e-commerce- †¢ E-commerce and website reduce the set up cost such as rent, bill and staff is not as much required as brick and motor shops required. †¢ Moreover, C-commerce and website also help to target the audience globally, which is not possible with brick and motor shops. †¢ Website and E-commerce also help to open store 24*7 hours and 365 days in year for customer. †¢ Website also provides the full detail of product, such as product description, images, video that helps the customer to make best decision. †¢ Website also provides the opportunity get the review from customer and also easy to promote product through email and social media, on the other hand in brick and motor shops very hard to get review from customer. 2. Describe two examples of businesses that have moved their sales operationShow MoreRelatedEnglishnization by Rakuten1069 Words   |  5 PagesGrowth Strategy Creation of Sustainable Business Elective course Session 3: 10/18 Session 4: 10/25 |Ã¥ ­ ¦Ã§ ± Ã§â€¢ ªÃ¥  ·Ã¯ ¼Ë†Student ID No.ï ¼â€° |35122318-4 | |æ ° Ã¥  Ã¯ ¼Ë†Name in fullï ¼â€° |Temirova Guzal | |Case study |RAKUTEN Read MoreThe Perceived Benefits of E-Commerce the Internet Adoption Strategies for Smes1399 Words   |  6 PagesLiterature Review 1 The Perceived Benefits of E-Commerce The Internet Adoption Strategies for SMEs Cheng Peng North Carolina State University Professor Mordzak FLE 101 Dec.2, 2011 Literature Review 2 Introduction Due to the popularity and rapid expansion of the Internet and network technology, electronic commerce (e-commerce) has become a major activity in contemporary business operations. Today, enormous business activities are conducted online. People go online to sell and buy bothRead MoreAnalyzing E Commerce Technology On The Travel Agency s Business Model1200 Words   |  5 Pagessemi-structured interviews. Semi-structured interviews provide meaning and understanding of the participants by preparing questions before the interview sessions begin (Petty et al., 2012). Semi-structured interviews will allow me to ask probing questions, as needed, and to make informed decisions about the participants in the study. Interviews will be facilitated in the office. All interview questions will be open-ended, and will take about 30-45 minutes to answer. Personal feelings and opinions will be omittedRead MoreDivision of Commerce: Information Management991 Words    |  4 PagesCOMMUNITY COLLEGE OF CITY UNIVERSITY DIVISION OF COMMERCE SEMESTER B 2012/2013 COURSE OUTLINE |Module Code |CM20119 | |Module Title |INFORMATION MANAGEMENT | |Course Examiner: Dr. Jack Yeung |Office: AC2-5418 Main Campus Read MoreProject Management and Business1537 Words   |  7 Pages/ Supplier Selection / Event Presentations / User Experience Benchmarking / Best Practice / Template Files / ïÆ'” SAMPLE: E-commerce RFP E-commerce Platform and Third-Party Logistics Guidance Notes, Checklist and Templates Sample only, please download the full report from: E-commerce RFP Sample only, please download the full repo rt from: Published Read MoreHow Does Your Web Site Stack Up?829 Words   |  3 PagesROI. Helpful books on e-commerce include The E-Commerce Question and Answer Book by Anita Rosen, e-Service by Ron Zemke and Tom Connellan, The E-Commerce Arsenal by Alexis Gutzman, and E-Profit by Peter Cohan. Here are some tips taken from these books and related seminars. NAIL DOWN THE BUSINESS PLAN Most people want their site to feature the latest technology and eye-popping graphics, but any e-business Web strategy should begin by answering these basic questions: Who am I trying to serveRead MoreQuestions and Answers on AA Wines822 Words   |  3 PagesQuestion #1 AA wines has many problems to deal with in staying competitive on a global level. The introduction of E-commerce has brought with it, both opportunities and threats to the existing business model A A has proven successful up to this point. Both internal and external analysis seems to be required in this particular case study. The steady flux of change occurring both within the company and also outside the company demands a systematic examination of its present business strategyRead MoreCustomer Relationship Management and Sales Force Automation1735 Words   |  7 PagesANSWERS TO DISCUSSION QUESTIONS 1. How is e-business â€Å"redefining old business models, with the aid of technology, to maximize customer value? e-business is more than just buying and selling of products and services through the means of digital media. Whereas e-commerce concentrates on buying and selling, e-business encompasses e-commerce and a whole lot more. For example, e-business includes both front – and back-office applications that form the engine for modern business. e-business is redefiningRead MoreEcommerce : Interflora Essay8305 Words   |  34 PagesInterfloras e - commerce Outline A. Presentation I- Presentation of the Interflora company and its delivery organization through its network a) Presentation of the Interflora company b) How it works? II- Presentation of the Problematic B. Strategic Marketing Planning Process I- External and Internal Analysis a) External Analysis b) Internal Analysis II- SWOT Analysis a) Opportunities b) Threats c) Strengths d) Weaknesses III- Future Objectives a) Why is the E-commerceRead MoreElectronic Commerce : Global Positioning System2046 Words   |  9 PagesIntroduction The first problem regarding Electronic Commerce was that there might not be enough material available for research. The applications of Electronic Commerce are very common as countless business employee the technology to further their business abilities and potential (Gavish, 2001). Business of different sizes among all major and minor industries continue to enter Electronic Commerce. Digital marketplaces have already torn down the walls within and between companies, bringing together

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